Sit Less, Move More!

Getting up and moving is healthy for you. SmartMove’s highly accurate physical activity monitor uniquely tracks sitting time and provides personalized, real time coaching to help you create healthy, physical activity habits throughout your day.

  • Highly accurate physical activity monitor automatically tracks sitting, standing, walking, running, biking, step count, distance, and calorie expenditure.
  • Personalized, real time activity and coaching sent in “text-like” messages on your iPhone help you set and meet your activity goals.
  • Supportive, comfortable, and smart wireless sensor insoles automatically and accurately track your activities all day.

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Accuracy You Can Trust.

To be effective, tools used to monitor physical activity must be very accurate and capable of measuring small changes in daily energy expenditure.

Funded by the National Institutes of Health, SmartMove is designed and laboratory tested to provide highly accurate real-time activity tracking.

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Change Made Easy.

Change made easy

Personalized, relevant, and timely coaching available at your convenience to help you establish and maintain a more healthy active lifestyle.

SmartMove works with you to identify your strengths and help you to establish realistic physical activity goals that are enjoyable.

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